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New Bangor program seeks companies that want to grow FAST!

A new program is being launched in Bangor, Maine, to launch new companies — FAST! The “Scratchpad Accelerator” will help early stage companies test, improve and figure out how to commercialize their ideas in just three months. This is a great opportunity for innovators and entrepreneurs who are in the early stages of developing the […]

Try this when you can’t find your motivation

I had a hard time finding the motivation to write this week. Perhaps it was because it was so nice outside and I didn’t want to be inside on my computer. Perhaps it was because I really wanted to catch up with that ever-growing pile of laundry left over from the weekend at camp. Perhaps […]

Hey Mainers! Remember your first summer job?

A friend of mine and I were getting nostalgic about the summer jobs we had in high school and college. You know, “back in the day,” before computer games, cellphones and selfies, when we were expected to get out of the house and do something — anything! I had many summer jobs and multiple businesses selling […]